Nordic Fill 200 grs / m²


Sleeping under a duvet is enjoying a warm sleep, just at the temperature your body needs to feel completely relaxed and comfortable, without the feeling of heaviness and burden of blankets.

Specific to temperatures not excessively cold, the Nordic filling of 200 grams of Top Nimbos is light and fluffy, soft to the touch, feather effect and breathable.

It’s made of 100% microfiber polyester and filled with silicone hollow fiber. Check our measurements and if you need a specific measurement, contact us and we will manufacture it for you.

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MICROFIBER FABRIC 83Gr/m2 per layer
FILLING 200Gr/m2 of silicone hollow fiber
Breathable and with excellent padding stability
Soft and fluffy touch

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Bed x 90cm (Size of filling 150×220), Bed x 100cm (Size of filling 180×220), Bed x 105cm (Size of filling 190×220), Bed x 135cm (Size of filling 220×220), Bed x 150cm (Size of filling 240×220), Bed x 180cm (Size of filling 260×220), Bed x 200cm (Size of filling 280×220), Bed x 220cm (Size of filling 300×200)


200 g/m2


Polyester microfiber exterior finish and silicone hollow fiber filling.




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