Nordic Fill 300 g / m²


The cold sensation can be one of the causes that prevent you from sleeping soundly and having a restful sleep. In areas where the temperatures are lower, the 300 grams Nordic filling of Top Nimbos is a guarantee for rest.

Cozy and soft to the touch, its lightness contrasts with the intense warmth it produces.

Get rid of the weight of the blankets and start enjoying a Nordic Top Nimbus for absolute comfort.

Made of 100% polyester and filled with silicone hollow fiber, the high stability of its materials guarantees an equal distribution of heat. It is available in various sizes, and if you need a specific size, contact us, we will manufacture it personalized.

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MICROFIBER FABRIC 83g/m2 per layer
FILLING 300 g/m2 of silicone hollow fiber

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Bed x 90cm (Size of filling 150×220), Bed x 100cm (Size of filling 180×220), Bed x 105cm (Size of filling 190×220), Bed x 135cm (Size of filling 220×220), Bed x 150cm (Size of filling 240×220), Bed x 180cm (Size of filling 260×220), Bed x 200cm (Size of filling 280×220), Bed x 220cm (Size of filling 300×200)


300 g/m2


Polyester microfiber exterior finish and silicone hollow fiber filling.




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