Top Nimbos Nordic fillings. Warmth and lightness for your rest.

Sleep wrapped in a light hug, so soft and warm that it looks like feathers. Right at the temperature your body needs to feel warm and comfortable. This is what sleeping under your Nordic padding is like.

When we sleep, our body's ability to keep warm descends, and we need to bundle up to protect ourselves from colds. In this way, it is very difficult to fall asleep and have a good rest when we feel cold.

Are you one of those who still sleep in winter under two heavy blankets?

Do you still fight with an awkward cover that moves everywhere and seems to always manage to leave you uncovered?

With the Top Nimbos Nordic fillings, start enjoying a light, fluffy and soft cover, at the same time so warm and cozy that you will fall asleep before you know it.

We have three types of Nordic Top Nimbos fillings: 200g, 300g and 400g, the 200g being the most suitable for warm temperatures. Choose yours!