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Top Nimbos, the solution for the perfect rest.

Since 2012, we have been pioneers in detecting a latent need in the European market: the lack of consumption of toppers. In the United States, a mattress without a topper is unthinkable, since it provides greater comfort and protects your mattress, making it more hygienic and prolonging its useful life.

Comfort and rest, our premise.

At Top Nimbos, our mission has always been to provide maximum comfort and rest to our clients . Since our beginnings in the manufacture of toppers for individuals, shops, hotels and tourist apartments, we have evolved to offer a wide range of products for rest and comfort.

The best toppers on the market, and more.

We not only manufacture the best toppers on the market , but we also offer pillows, protectors, duvet fillers, bed linen, canapés, mattresses and much more. We have established ourselves as a leading brand in the sleep sector and we are committed to offering solutions so that our customers can enjoy a restful sleep.

The Bed of the Grand Hotels

At Top Nimbos we are proud to be able to offer you "The Bed of the Great Hotels", a high quality product that is now available to both our professional clients and individuals. We have strived to provide you with the best rest experience, both in luxury hotels and at home.

Personaliza tu cama Top Nimbos

En Top Nimbos te asesoramos en todo momento para que elijas la mejor opción en función de tus necesidades y presupuesto. Te hemos preparado un formulario para que puedas elegir todos y cada uno de los aspectos más importantes de tu cama y recomendarte lo que realmente necesitas.

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Convierte 2 camas en King Size

Con nuestro topper vas a poder aprovechar tu mobiliario y vas a poder unir dos camas.

Turnkey Service

With our "turnkey" service, you can buy the complete bed with just one click. Whether you have a large hotel or simply need a bed for your home, at Top Nimbos we have the perfect solution for you.

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