Tencel Waterproof Protector


Our goal is to provide you with the best possible rest, and for this, comfort and serenity are as important as tranquility.

Sleep soundly and enjoy a restful sleep with the complete assurance that your mattress is protected with Tencel’s Top Nimbos waterproof protector.

Tencel is a 100% natural fiber of vegetable origin, which is made from ecological processes. Particularly resistant, especially to humidity and with a soft feather quality to the touch, the Tencel Top Nimbus protector is completely adaptable to your mattress.

Comfortable, quiet, safe and does not cause a sensation of heat and is breathable.

100% made in Spain, complete your sleeping system with the Tencel Top Nimbos waterproof protector for total rest. Consult our wide variety of sizes and measurements.

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Elastic and breathable protector. Regulates body temperature and ensures total softness to the touch acting as a second skin.

100% natural fiber, of vegetable origin.

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80 x 190, 90 x 190, 105 x 190, 110 x 190, 120 x 190, 135 x 190, 150 x 190, 160 x 190, 180 x 190, 200 x 190, 210 x 190, 80 x 200, 90 x 200, 105 x 200, 110 X 200, 120 x 200, 135 x 200, 150 x 200, 160 x 200, 180 x 200, 200 x 200, 210 x 200, 190 x 220, 200 x 220


Natural polymer fibers. 100% Tencel. Waterproof and breathable inner layer acts as a mite and antibacterial barrier.




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