Waterproof Protectors

Top Nimbos Protectors. The tranquility of total care

A good mattress guarantees better health and pleasant rest, it also prevents muscle aches and pains.

Since you choose your mattress carefully, knowing that it will be the most faithful partner of your rest, it is also important that you protect and take care of it to keep it in perfect condition as long as possible.

The Top Nimbos waterproof protectors guarantee you total protection of your mattress against stains, sweat, or liquid spillage. Without disturbing your rest at all or causing noise or friction that may wake you up or prevent you from falling asleep.

We manufacture our waterproof bed protector with an innovative technical fabric that absorbs moisture, does not cause heat and lets the skin breathe.

Keep your mattress safe from germs and bacteria, in perfect condition and without suffering the inconvenience of having a waterproof protector. Quiet, soft and perfectly adjustable to your mattress, enjoy a deep and restful sleep.